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Re: Topband: DX Window No Long Relevant

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Subject: Re: Topband: DX Window No Long Relevant
From: BRYON PAUL n0ah VEAL <>
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 10:22:32 -0700
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I am a small pistol on 160M.  I have found it interesting to hear a few of the 
big gun contest stations calling in the 1.830-35 DX range for a few years now. 
Mostly either at EU sunrise of their's.  My understanding of the window is that 
it is for DX, but what quantifies DX is from where one sits-  If you live in 
EU, what makes a DL DX?  It seems this window is really defined by what USA ops 
consider DX-  I only say this because I have operated top-band from VK9LZ, 
3DA0AX and in France......and I have found myself listening for stateside 
staions inside the DX window- Why, because for me, they were DX- 
Working anyone in EU is icing on the cake for us- or a JA for that matter in 
their DX window.  I'm approaching this from a contesting point of view and have 
found that their is plenty of room to work DX even with some of the big guns 
calling- I do know several very active top-banders here in Colorado that I 
never hear calling inside the window- I try to follow their example- Since we 
run low power, I don't feel badly for working a run frequency around 1.836.5 or 
80 meters has the same problem with the phone DX window- It is suppose to be 
3.775-3.800 but there is a regular group(s) that seem the cherish nets at the 
most annoying times and that window as we all know is really 3.790-3.800- We 
give up 25KHz for 10KHz- 

 Bryon "Paul" Veal  ARS-n0ah

> Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2011 09:03:01 +0000
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> Subject: Re: Topband: DX Window No Long Relevant
> On 04/02/2011 00:23, Robert Smits wrote:
> > Not all of us can afford or own "world class radios", John. It isn't true in
> > North America and it certainly isn't true in the rest of the world.
> Thank you for that voice from the real world!
> I don't have the kind of cash it would take to buy a radio that can work 
> DX a few hundred hertz from a high-power local station. I used to be 
> able to work all kinds of DX on 160, but it's a lot harder these days.
> It's even harder when there are ten high-power stations calling over the 
> top of the DX, but that's a different issue. That happens on HF, too.
> Keith
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