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Re: Topband: An observation about Topband contesting technique

To: Steven Raas <>
Subject: Re: Topband: An observation about Topband contesting technique
From: Bill Cromwell <>
Date: Mon, 05 Dec 2011 08:34:36 -0500
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On Sun, 2011-12-04 at 21:50 -0500, Steven Raas wrote:
> Could be Sam,
> I do know that here with my set up ( pretty sad to be honest hihi ) That
> most of the weak ones I work on QSB peaks .. which only last for 15 or so
> seconds.. It really depends on the condx tho. More so.. and I've had it
> happen say 10x this weekend, I cq @ 25-28.. some one comes back @ near
> speed ( a few hi or low is FB ).. I send a partial call and ? and they go
> right to 10 WPM..or they send their call again @ original speed and send
> their call again right after the 1st @ a HIGHLY reduced speed. I dnt mind
> QRS'ing I get it.. but from 25 or so to 10? Its like saying 'I think ur
> sending faster than u can copy so im going to really drag this out to teach
> you somthing'
> It is entirely possible im over sensitive to this.. and I am also willing
> to admit that as a possibility, honestly.
> Regardless .. Im thankfull for every single QSO I made this week end on TB.
> Im trying to think how I can do better for Stew, as I am more serious abt
> that one.. I was in bed by 130 AM I think both nights as I did not want to
> mess up my sleep pattern for this test..that WILL NOT be the case for Stew.
> I just hope I find more stations spread out a bit.. I will also be S&P WAY
> WAY WAY more.. running is NOT productive for after i logged the 1st
> 150 q's I could easily go 30 minutes inbetween a new one vs. just SnP .
> When I do run.. I run High.. 1850-1870 Too many big people down low in my
> little people world hihi.
> -Steve Raas

Hi Steve,

I might be somebody who would slow down "too much" - maybe not all the
way down to ten WPM. If I have my keyer on the "sweet spot" I am
reluctant to change it so I probably would grab the straight key to QRS.
On the straight key I have days when 12 or 13 wpm is comfortable and
other days when faster is okay. No lessons intended.


Bill  KU8H

UR RST IS ... ... ..9 QSB QSB - hw? BK

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