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Topband: New 160M high performance receiving antenna at W3LPL

Subject: Topband: New 160M high performance receiving antenna at W3LPL
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Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2013 12:00:34 -0500 (EST)
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My new 160 meter Broad Side - End Fire (BSEF) receiving array is now in use and 
performing extremely well, significantly better than my 900 foot Beverages and 
full size 4-square transmitting antenna. 

Like most of us who live in developed areas, my RFI environment has 
significantly degraded with the lack of effective RFI regulation in recent 
years.  Plasma TVs, ubiquitous poorly filtered switching power supplies and 
increasly popular high efficiency motors are steadily raising our noise floor.  
With this new antenna 160 meters is delightfully quiet again at W3LPL! 

Thanks to W8JI, W5ZN, N4HY and W1MK for their efforts in designing, optimizing 
and publishing the details of this wonderful high performance receiving 
antenna.  The BSEF array is now connected to the 160 meter input to my CW 
Skimmer, it now has significantly better sensitivity than when it was connected 
to my 900 foot NE Beverage.  

The description and photos of my new BSEF array are here:

Topband Reflector

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