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Re: Topband: New 160M high performance receiving antenna at W3LPL

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Subject: Re: Topband: New 160M high performance receiving antenna at W3LPL
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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 10:20:58 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Joel,

Other than the three Magic T's, what other specific mods have you made to your 

Adding a T50-2 toroidal inductor and a BNC connector at the 50 ohm tap makes a 
quick job of adjusting resonance to exactly 1840 kHz.

Much more work is planned later this year, building switchable 8-circles for 
160 and 80 meters.

Using one inch rebar for the base makes that job a snap, especially in my case 
where I must completely remove the antenna from my borrowed field every year 
and reinstall it in October.  The rebar can be easily removed with a sledge 

I discovered that I couldn't unzip my 16 AWG speaker wire when its cold, I was 
breaking wires!   No problem at all unzipping it at room temperature.

Tks for all of your help!


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>Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2013 06:29:18 -0600
>From: Joel Harrison <>  
>Subject: Re: Topband: New 160M high performance receiving antenna at W3LPL  
>   Frank - Good stuff and very glad you made public your work on
>   the array.
>   It is good to see the array is working very well at W3LPL. I
>   continue to have excellent performance from both of my BSEF
>   arrays (160 & 80 meter versions).
>   Robye (W1MK) and I had several conversations following
>   publication of my work on BSEF's which resulted in use of
>   Magic Tee's and a few other feed point mods.
>   73 Joel W5ZN
>   On Fri, Feb 1, 2013 at 11:00 AM, <>
>   wrote:
>     My new 160 meter Broad Side - End Fire (BSEF) receiving
>     array is now in use and performing extremely well,
>     significantly better than my 900 foot Beverages and full
>     size 4-square transmitting antenna.
>     Like most of us who live in developed areas, my RFI
>     environment has significantly degraded with the lack of
>     effective RFI regulation in recent years.  Plasma TVs,
>     ubiquitous poorly filtered switching power supplies and
>     increasly popular high efficiency motors are steadily
>     raising our noise floor.  With this new antenna 160 meters
>     is delightfully quiet again at W3LPL!
>     Thanks to W8JI, W5ZN, N4HY and W1MK for their efforts in
>     designing, optimizing and publishing the details of this
>     wonderful high performance receiving antenna.  The BSEF
>     array is now connected to the 160 meter input to my CW
>     Skimmer, it now has significantly better sensitivity than
>     when it was connected to my 900 foot NE Beverage.
>     The description and photos of my new BSEF array are here:
>     73
>     Frank
>     W3LPL
>     _________________
>     Topband Reflector
>   --
>   73 Joel W5ZN
Topband Reflector

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