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Re: Topband: tool for install radials

To: Bill and Liz <>
Subject: Re: Topband: tool for install radials
From: George Dubovsky <>
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2014 17:55:12 -0500
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This is the radial plow I used to put in 60 radials under my full-size 160
vertical. It was originally an ag implement called a middle-buster, and it
was originally built by W4PK and improved by me. It goes through most
roots, and it dislodges small rocks but can't do a thing with really big
rocks. I used a compact diesel tractor, but it could be adapted to anything
that has 10-20 HP.


It takes about 60 seconds for one person to put down one 150 foot radial.
The small slit in the ground disappears in a day or so.


geo - n4ua

On Wed, Dec 10, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Bill and Liz <> wrote:

> I recall that Home Depot had a small walk-behind trencher for doing
> sprinkler lines.  It rented for about $85 per day (this was 5 years or so
> ago) and I figured that I could do perhaps 40 radials 100+ ft in length in
> a full day as long as I did not run into rocks.  The best deal turned out
> to be renting it from Friday evening until Sunday evening for $125.  As it
> turned out, the store which had it stopped renting it a couple of weeks
> before I wanted it so I ended up laying the radials on the ground and
> scraping buckets of topsoil off the plowed field to cover them.  I'm sure
> there are lots of places which rent small trenchers and vibrating plows for
> the DIY crowd.  For those who might be interested in doing what I did and
> cover the wire with earth, it took about 5 cu yds of soil and a LOT of
> shovelling to cover 64 radials varying in length from 75 ft to 130 ft 2"
> deep and perhaps a foot wide.
> Bill VE3NH
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