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[TowerTalk] UFER Ground???

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Subject: [TowerTalk] UFER Ground???
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Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999 12:27:52 -0700
 Being an Electrician , I can explain to you exactly what a UFFER ground
is .
Uffer . named after Dr, Uffer , who did extensive testing of different
grounding systems in Arizona.
 (Arizona being one particular place where they have : a- lots of
lightning and b- poor soil conductivity  conditions)
Uffer .. Slang for  ' Concrete Embedded Grounding Electrode '
Typically a uffer is a #4 copper conductor placed approx. 2" above  the
bottom of a concrete footing at a minimum of 20' long
Naturally the purpose of the 'Grounding Electrode " is for lightning
According to the National Electric Code ....metal buildings or structures
are to be  bonded to a grounding electrode conductor . Even if they are
solidly embedded in concrete . Bonded means you connect the metal frame to
the grounding electrode (uffer) conductor .
Hope this helps ..if anyone disagrees with this ..tell someone else
mail box is way toooo full.: )
George Rogato

"Carl A. Smidt" wrote:

> Hi,
> Would someone please let me know what a UFER ground is and what is its
> purpose. Thanks.
> 73, VE9OV
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