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Subject: [Towertalk] Aircraft Cable
From: (Jon Zaimes AA1K)
Date: Tue, 01 Oct 2002 08:46:44 -0400
I have seen the swage tools for clamping down on Nicopress sleeves for
around $150-180 at marine supply centers such as Boat US and West Marine;
this for the large hand tool (looks like bolt cutter) or bench-mounted
model (easier to use). They also have a small unit for under $50 that you
clamp down with a couple of bolts. OK if you are doing just a few but labor

I used Nicopress sleeves (four per cable end) on some older-style
Phillystran purchased back in '78. Still in service, on its fourth tower.

73/Jon AA1K

At 11:23 PM 9/30/02 EDT, you wrote:
>While I'm on the subject, the other item I really like to use with this
>are the Nicopress copper sleeves.  One of these crimp on items, takes the 
>place of several U-bolt, crosby clip, cable clamps and produces a  joint 
>stronger than the guy cable itself.  The sleeves are much cheaper than the 
>U-bolt hardware but the crimp tool is pricey - about $350 for the 1/4"
>Still its a nice system for permanent joints.  Where you might want to later 
>remove a cable, still use the U-bolts.
>73, Bob - W3YY

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