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To: Dino Darling <>
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From: Mahlon Haunschild <>
Date: Sat, 03 Jan 2004 20:37:01 -0600
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... but Dino, if you remove the coax/balun/twinlead then the antenna is no longer a resonant antenna system on 20 meters, as designed (e.g. it's no longer a G5RV). It's just a random length dipole fed with low-loss ladder line by an antenna matching network. No rocket science there.

The advantage of the G5RV is that it's a resonant antenna that exhibits some gain in certain radiation lobes, but only on 20 meters. That's all Louis ever intended it to be, I believe. Everything else written about the antenna is marketing hype, IMHO. But you don't have to take my word for it; go back and read his article in the Compendium instead.


Mahlon - K4OQ

Dino Darling wrote:

Hornets nest....yep!

I was told to REMOVE the balun (mine was a Van Gordon voltage balun) and hook the coax directly to the ladder line. I instead cut my antenna at the center insulator and got rid of the coax/balun/twinlead and installed 450 ohm ladder line directly to a tuner and each 51' leg. It works MUCH better than the G5RV ever did!!!


At 07:07 PM 01/03/2004 -0500, you wrote:


I recently put up the G5RV that my wife purchased for me at Christmas. After putting it up and taking it down 4 times, I must confess that I am at a loss.

Some background:

My property is large enough for a G5RV, but not for an 80 meter inverted vee. So I elected so ask "Santa wife" for the G5RV (one of the premanufactured ones available at the local ham radio store).

The antenna is supported by approximately 33' of mast at the center and slopes down to approximately 11 feet at the ends. (High enough to keep the kids out of it.) The ladder line is held away from the pole all the way down approximately 5 or 6 inches with a couple of wooden standoffs that I fabricated. I also tried coiling about 7 or 8 - 6" turns of coax at the feed point per a suggestion I saw on a web site although this didn't seem to have any impact on the performance or SWR. I also tried changing the length of coax feeding the antenna, but still not difference.

My concern is this, while I get a good SWR on 20 (about 1.5 at 14.200), I am unable to make the antenna work on any other band without using a tuner. The SWR on any other band is at least 4:1 or higher. I had a G5RV about 20 years ago and seem to remember that it had a decent SWR on 80, 40 and 20. I tried to play with the length of the wire, adding several lengths to the ends, but still could not find a resonate point on any other band.

While I don't mind using a tuner, I am wondering if I am missing something. I verified all of the dimensions (102' of wire and 31' of ladder line).

Any idea? I hope that I am not stirring up a hornets nest with this question.

Thanks in advance...

KD8OK - Mike


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