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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] noise flow
From: W0UN -- John Brosnahan <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 10:36:15 -0600
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"Noise Flow Analysis", "Noise Floor Analysis"

From my semi-extensive experience with newspaper articles about me and various business I have been involved with I am more inclined to believe that any errors, such as the "noise flow vs. noise floor" issue were probably generated by the reporter through inexperience with the topic rather than from a poorly informed spokesperson for the technology.

A lot of words have been written about "noise flow" that
are probably a waste of verbiage since this specific
issue is minutia and is probably just one of mis-hearing
what was said in an interview.

There are really only three areas to do battle with BPL
that make any sense.

1)  the technical merits of the system to the end user
of the technology
2)  the impact of the technology on other users of the RF
spectrum, and
3) the financial viability of the technology to the investors.

Anything else is "in the noise" of the issue.  (Love it
when I can sneak something in like that!)

Technologies are not always selected based on their
technically merit--the classical example of this is VHS
vs. Beta.  Other examples are the battles between
current technologies for DVD writing.  Just because a
technology is "bad" or at least "not good" is not a good
prediction of its introduction (if not success) in the marketplace.

As Jim Jarvis has stated, responses to the threat of BPL
should cover all three of the key areas of debate.

1)  It doesn't solve any issues of the end user that aren't better
addressed with other technologies.
2)  It causes much harm to the electro-magnetic environment and has
already been rejected by a number of countries who have tested BPL
in some detail.
3)  It  does not appear to be a good investment compared to the
competing technologies.  BPL being only a "me-too" sort of option
for the utilities to get in on the internet boom--way too long after that
ship has sailed (or sunk?).

And there are certainly more appropriate forums for this debate to
take place, such as    Cross posting some of
the comments has resulted in the river of information flow being
split into separate streams, reducing the sum total of its impact.

73--John W0UN

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