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[TowerTalk] Freeway lighting monopoles

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Freeway lighting monopoles
From: "Mark Beckwith" <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:46:30 -0600
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>several pointed out you cannot climb the large non metal poles for
>lights etc around the interstates.

Next time you drive past one notice the access panel at chest height near
the ground.  I think there's a winch in there where the crew lowers the
light head to ground level to perform maintenance.

I would not know this except I saw a crew changing bulbs once - the lighting
equipment head which usually lives at the top was down about 5 feet off the
ground.  Ingenious.  Sort of like an "internal Hazer."  It must also have a
lot of extra AC cable in there because what comes down must go up, or
whatever.  Maybe they disconnect the electricity before they lower it, and
the wire end goes up, then when the head goes back up the wire comes back
down.  Then they plug it in again and test their work.

KJ6Y may have to explain this one to me.  Eh, Skip?

Mark, N5OT


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