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Lee your post is dripping with sarcasm, there is no need for it.

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My, this is a all consuming issue here on tower talk.  What kind of wire to 
use?  Conductive wire.  Anything will do that conducts like copper.  I would 
not put down nichrome wire...but I would use just about anything.  There is 
no magic here.  Use coax if you have it....just use the outer braid... or 
short the two conductions together.  Use electric fence wire.  Use out for rust...and it will rust away after awhile.  Use 

Here is what I am using right now....because it was FREE!  Two conductor (18 
gauge) garage door opener wire.  You know, the wire that goes from the 
button by the door to the opening unit.  The stuff that is wired to the 
sensors.  They give about 200 feet in each opener kit.  The garage installer 
has gobs of the stuff laying around.  I bet I have 15 rolls of the stuff.  I 
just twist the ends together and solder them with a gun.  Down on the ground 
they go.  And yes, they work OK...I radiate...the MFJ 269 says everything is 
good to go...and I make gobs of contacts with it.  I don't bury it...I don't 
strip it....I just lay it in the grass and use home made (cheap) lawn 
staples about every 5 feet.

For radials....use conductive wire.  Use as many as you can....32 seems to 
be the magic number but also I've heard 50 or 60 as well.  If you cannot get 
a quarter wave each on the what you can....cut it off at the 
property line.

Bond them together with just about anything.  Remember, you will have to 
pull maintenance on antennas revisit this often throughout the 
year.  When metals are out in the elements...something is bound to corrode.

Use anything conductive....  wire, pipe, railroad track, I-Beam ir H-Beam. 
What ever you got that is handy or cheap.    I would not use chain link 
fence or chicken wire.  The connections are good enough between the links in 
my opinion and dirt can cause problems in the radial.

Remember, HR is not rocket what works for you...what you can 
get away with...what you can afford...and remember not everyone has a super 
station or the dollars the installations is done perfectly.  The idea is to 
radiate enough to work someone.

Lee - K0WA


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