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Re: [TowerTalk] PayPal As a Method of Payment for Tower Parts, etc.

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] PayPal As a Method of Payment for Tower Parts, etc.
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Date: Sun, 15 Feb 2009 13:42:00 -0500
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I agree with you there. They are getting out of hand. No argument here.

73 Dave

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I have read a couple of post this am, and had to comment. You guys are 
correct PAYPAL does offer safe guards  second to none. Where your post have 
missed and you did not comment on are the areas I was  made at with PAYPAL. 
If you sell on EBAY say a ROHN HBDX-48 tower and in your auction you clearly

list it as "pickup" only. It sells a local guy picks it up. You are paid 
through PAYPAL.Couple of problems. 1. In 2008 EBAY RAISED THE SALES 

PICKS UP AN ITEM!!! Know your not trying to rip someone off you just don't 
want to get into delivery of a heavy tower!! That's the sort of stuff I 
dislike PAYPAL for! So Dave, Jim those are my issues' repeat they are HUGE 
FEE hikes and these unreasonable conditions. Is it so bad to have someone 
pick up an item, I didn't think so but PAYPAL did. There are a HUGE NUMBER 
OF articles to read on this subject I'm not alone. last year EBAY lost 5% of

their customers, and with millions 5% is a BUNCH.

Good Luck
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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] PayPal As a Method of Payment for Tower Parts, etc.

Same here. Got ripped on some tower parts a couple years ago using PayPal,
They told me to send it back, they froze his account. He got the misled
parts back, they took it out of his account, paid me, unfroze his account
and all was well. Except for the liar who sold the tower parts to me.

I wouldn't have had to go that far if he would have been fair but he just
didn't want to be so I went to them and they fixed it for me.

Never any problems here. (knock on wood).

Dave Calder

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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] Paypal As a Method of Payment for Tower Parts, etc.


To all of you who believe Paypal is a rip-off I say this to you.

All forms of payment work well when both parties are trustworthy and without
a hidden agenda that includes ripping off the other person.

Paypal is the best method that can be used to transact a sale of
goods/services when the parties can not meet face-to-face to complete the
deal.  AND Paypal does offer some forms of security for both buyer and
seller.  Other methods of payment offer no form of security, i.e. paper
instruments such as checks offer no security if the check, money order or
cashier's check is bad.  Cash offers no security if it is counterfeit.  The
only form of payment that is somewhat secure is bank transfers of funds.
Once payment is in your account, the other party can not unilaterally have
it returned for any reason.

And to keep this post on topic I will just say that I have used Paypal for
many years, to sell tower parts and other ham related items and have never
had an issue with their policies.  Not only that, but once a few years ago,
their protection policies help be regain my funds back from a seller with
unscrupulous intentions.

So if a deal went bad and Paypal was used as the method of payment; chances
are it would have gone bad if any other method of payment was used.



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Subject: Re: [TowerTalk] OUR Answer to PAYPAL

>Paypal and ebay are related businesses.

In our business, we initially had everyone mail us a check.  Then we added
paypal.  Then paypal added the ability for customers to use credit cards
without having to have a paypal account.  Worked great.  Still does.

Then we added a regular credit card merchant account through our bank.  The
fees were beyond ridiculous so after a few years we dumped it and went back
to using paypal exclusively.  We process over $20,000 per month through
paypal and have had no problems for the decade we've been using paypal.  Our
overall experience with paypal has been quite good.


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