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Subject: [VHFcontesting] VHF contest CW
From: imok1@mc.net (imok1@mc.net)
Date: Thu Jun 19 16:43:59 2003

I agree that CW is a better mode for weak signals, however the point value 
should remain the same.

In my opinion(flame me later, pse) making CW
contacts a higher point value would only further
decline the casual participation in this contest. Here in the Chicago area, 
there are many technician class operators who use their 2/440 talkies, or FM 
only rigs to get on the air and hand out points.

If we make CW a higher point value, those of us
looking to score well will try to work much more
CW than voice due to the point value. When this
happens, the technicians or those without
all mode rigs, will not find as much activity and give up.

Six years ago, as a new no-code tech, I made 165
q's on 2/440 FM on a talkie and 11 element beams on both bands at 30'. Now, 
those here in Chicago that try to do the same, make approx 40 - 50 q's over the 
weekend on those bands. The activity is declining....

Do we really want to reduce any possible contacts from the mix? We need to 
build numbers, not subtract. The logs for August UHF were down 12.4%. Do we 
want the same thing to
happen for Jan, June, and Sept?

I have done many things to get the new hams on
the air for the vhf/uhf contests...including the spring and fall sprints, Aug 
UHF, etc even on the HT's. How about we try to increase participation, as 
opposed to changing the rules...?

Thanks for the read...we all have opinions!
My $0.02

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