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[VHFcontesting] MSRX--An Improved Receiver for FSK441

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] MSRX--An Improved Receiver for FSK441
From: Les Rayburn <les@highnoonfilm.com>
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Date: Wed, 02 Oct 2013 18:45:00 -0500
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My earlier question asking if anyone was using the MSRX sofftware package for meteor scatter work received only two replies, but one of those was very informative. The software was developed by Klaus der Heide, DJ5HG. I learned about it from a recent article in DUBUS magazine, which is published in Germany, and widely read by VHF operators. The software can be downloaded freely at:


At least a few amateurs are using it in conjunction with WSJT here in the states. Both programs can run at the same time on your computer, allowing you to achieve a kind of "diversity" reception. My experience is limited, but I do find that MSRX will frequently decode marginal pings better than WSJT. I also heard from Bryan, N3HJX who included some image files. I can't reproduce those in this e-mail, but I think the text is worth sharing:

Yes, I sure do use MSRX quite a bit.  It definitely helps decode some
of the tougher pings on FSK441.  I am sure you have tried "clicking
around" in WSJT's SpecJT to try to get a meaningful decode on a ping,
and adjusting DF and S up or down to see if you can find the magic
settings to get a good decode.  MSRX, in contrast, will automatically
find and decode valid text without all the fuss.   Compared to default
WSJT settings with no "clicking around", it is much better.

Attached are saved decode logs from past QSOs.  The "darkness" of the
text indicates confidence, while the highlight indicates the test
matches the filter text entered at the top of the window.  I usually
run with my call, "his" call, and "26" in the filters.

I do run PSK2K as well, but not nearly as often since there are fewer
users of it.  I run it most often with N5TM and WA3LBI.  It works well
for me,  but I know others have trouble with it
due to sound card stability problems.

- Bryan, N3HJX

My hope is that we'll see more experimention with both MSRX and PSK2k here in the US. If you decide to try the software, I'd love to hear about your experiences with it too. See you on the rocks!


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