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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] 222 Sprint
From: "Dave Olean" <k1whs@metrocast.net>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:38:14 -0400
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I had forgotten that the 222 Sprint was on Tuesday evening, so the XYL and I stopped for a leisurely dinner on our way home from our camp on Tues. I got home at 8 PM and realized the Sprint was on. A quick run up the hill and then realized I had no radio installed for 222. (Not good) I also noticed that the 222/432 shack was infested with wasps. They were bunched in groups around the corners of the room and around the air conditioner. I tried spraying and that really got them upset. I got stung three times on the left arm and things got so bad I had to retreat from the building until a bit after 9 PM. By then, most of the wasps were writhing on the floor. There were several hundred of them. It was a mess. My arm was starting to swell, but I started in after hooking up my two meter radio in the 222 slot. Usually by two hours into the Sprint, many stations go QRT, so I had to scrape for the QSOs. I heard no one in FN35, and precious little from Western NY save for N2SLN, and KA2LIM. Not much to the South with maybe two FM19 stations worked. I was happy to find N3RN in FN11, and of course, Phil, K3TUF with a rock crushing signal from FN10. I also kept getting buzzed by angry wasps all evening. When I quit just before 11 PM, my left arm was very swollen. It looked a bit like Popeye's arms after eating his spinach. I ended up with about 35 Qs in 18 grids. I almost missed my own grid, but WA1T showed up late and we had a QSO across the lake at about 2 miles. With all the troubles here, I must say I have had better Sprints, but anytime I can work stuff on 222 is a good time. All the gear seemed to work OK.

Dave K1WHS

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