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Subject: Re: [VHFcontesting] [NEWSVHF] 222 Sprint
From: "Dave Olean" <k1whs@metrocast.net>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 12:25:19 -0400
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Thanks Ron,
I really debated quitting when I saw my arm starting to expand and swell, but I figured that wasp stings never really impacted me before, and that if I had an allergy, the symptoms would be much worse than just some swelling. It seems the wasps are especially bad this year. They flock around the two shacks and dive bomb me if I get near them. I really am puzzled by these sprints. I have a pretty good antenna system and a good rf amplifier to work with, so why do I miss grids like FN35? I see you and Jeff are comparing how many stations you worked in that grid, while I heard ZILCH, ZERO, NADA. It was not for lack of trying. I have a pair of stacked 8 el rear mount yagis that I can rotate from east to north to west. I usually keep it parked on FN34 which covers all those grids. I also had the large 4 x 22 el beams up that way as well, periodically. I made lotsa calls but never heard any of the guys you and Jeff worked. I had the four yagi array aimed up northeast as well a few times, but heard nothing. I am guessing that the percentage of time when stations in FN35 are aimed at me, and I am aimed at them is quite small or non existent. If that is the case, no amount of wasp venom, even up to just before the lethal dosage, will help my score. I have two left over 16 element K1FO yagis that I will install and fix at FN35. I can wire it into my 222 MHz antenna switch for instant checks. Right now there is a small vert polarized yagi for FM hooked up, but I think the two 16 el beams would be better for sprints and general use.


Dave K1WHS

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Subject: Re: [NEWSVHF] [VHFcontesting] 222 Sprint

Wow Dave, after all that and missing most of it,
you still work more grids than me !
I remember an old horror movie about wasp venom
giving super-powers, "Wasp Woman" I think.
Must be all that wasp venom transformed you into
The "Man of Steel" Super-Op !
Oh by the way, in the movie, the wasp venom
worked really good - right up until it killed her !
Anyway it was fun working both you and Al up there.
-73, Ron WZ1V

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From: "Dave Olean" <k1whs@metrocast.net>
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Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:38:14 -0400
Subject: Re: [NEWSVHF] [VHFcontesting] 222 Sprint

I had forgotten that the 222 Sprint was on Tuesday evening, so the XYL
and I
stopped for a leisurely dinner on our way home from our camp on Tues.  I
home at 8 PM and realized the Sprint was on. A quick run up the hill and
then realized I had no radio installed for 222. (Not good) I also noticed
that the 222/432 shack was infested with wasps. They were bunched in
around the corners of the room and around the air conditioner. I tried
spraying and that really got them upset. I got stung three times on the
arm and things got so bad I had to retreat from the building until a bit
after 9 PM. By then, most of the wasps were writhing on the floor. There
were several hundred of them. It was a mess. My arm was starting to
but I started in after hooking up my two meter radio in the 222 slot.
Usually by two hours into the Sprint, many stations go QRT, so I had to
scrape for the QSOs.  I heard no one in FN35, and precious little from
Western NY save for N2SLN, and KA2LIM. Not much to the South with maybe
FM19 stations worked. I was happy to find N3RN in FN11, and of course,
K3TUF with a rock crushing signal from FN10. I also kept getting buzzed
angry wasps all evening. When I quit just before 11 PM, my left arm was
swollen. It looked a bit like Popeye's arms after eating his spinach. I
ended up with about 35 Qs in 18 grids. I almost missed my own grid, but
showed up late and we had a QSO across the lake at about 2 miles.
    With all the troubles here, I must say I have had better Sprints, but
anytime I can work stuff on 222 is a good time.  All the gear seemed to

Dave K1WHS

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