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[VHFcontesting] 222 sprint

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] 222 sprint
From: "Ken Kent - KA2LIM" <ka2lim@stny.rr.com>
Date: Thu, 3 Oct 2013 17:49:27 -0400
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Well I got back on the hill today and retrieved my log data from the 222
sprint on Tuesday night. The last contact for me was with Al - WA1Tin FN43
at 02:59 right at the contest end and then he called me on the phone to
chat. Well, I thought I copied the data to a memory stick before shutting
down, but found that I didn't have it when I got home, so I'll have to blame
Al for distracting me. So here is the "better late than never" report.


It was a fun evening for me, the first 3 contacts were on phone then a CW
then another phone and then I switched to CW for most of the rest of the
evening. Wound up with 43 Q's and 23 grids. Of those 43 contacts I worked
K8GP and KB8VAO on the LVA, started working NY2NY out on Long Island with
the omni-stack but had to switch to the beams to finish the contact. Then at
02:28 I worked N8WNA, K8JA and N8AIA all in EN82 and could only hear them
and work them on the beams. All the other contacts were made using the
stacked omni antenna system. I would switch to the other antennas during the
contact to see which provided a stronger signal but in most cases would lose
them completely until I switched back to the stacked omni's. 


Farthest contacts were with K9MRI EN70 in IN at 450 miles, K4TO EM77 in KY
at 485 miles and W8MIL EN74 in MI at 450 mile all with the stacked omni's,
could not hear them on any other antenna system. So 37 of the 43 contacts
were made with the stacked omni's. Nice to have a selection of antenna
systems to choose from. And thanks to all who worked me on CW, sure was fun.
Summary: 43 Q's / 23 Grids score 1978


Will not be on next week for the 432 sprint due to a prior commitment.
Thanks again to all who I worked and the contest sponsors.




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