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[VHFcontesting] Casual operators on ft8

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Subject: [VHFcontesting] Casual operators on ft8
From: Marshall Pochay <wd9exd@comcast.net>
Date: Fri, 29 Jan 2021 21:10:19 -0600 (CST)
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Hi Terry and everyone, Could someone tell me how these casual operators are 
abusing FT8 enough that we are not supposed to work them? I see a casual 
operator one that probably wont turn a log in but is just out there making 
contacts, They are doing us a favor by being out there, Take  Joe  KV4HV down 
in EL94, Nice guy, Doesn't contest but has no problem taking a phone call from 
me to remind him there is a vhf  contest going on and gets on and gives out 
that grid. And Im not talking about him getting on for a few contacts I have 
seen him on for hours. Sorry, Far as I know he is  only on ft8 and Im happy to 
work him there, I usually send out about 10 emails before a contest to new 
(Prior) ft8 contacts I have made inviting them out or on for the contest, I try 
to give them a quick explanation on contest mode but I dont really expect them 
to get it and have no problem working them in non contest mode.For years I see 
complaints about lack of activity, Now we have a chance at new contacts 
 into new  grids and I see a suggestion that a core contest station shouldnt 
work them. Please give me a little more detail on what they are doing so wrong 
that I shouldnt work them? I only run 4 bands from the em57 qth, I find ft8 way 
more productive than ssb/cw unless of course 6 is open, I did manage to work 7 
local stations on 2 fm this january but cant work my own em57 grid on 222 
(LOL)I am lucky I have a good bunch of rovers running the 4 bands and we are  
covering the  200 to 500 mile range mostly ft8. Yes not being able to move 
operators around with ft8 is a problem we need to address, And for that my 222 
and 432 scores suffer but honestly for my qth I am actually seeing a better 
RATE on 6 and 2 using ft8. In the old days I could call CQ for hours and not 
get a soul not to mention in bed by 11 and back up at 5 or 6 am, Now  days 
thanks to Digital aka FT8 and MSK144 and maybe a little covid19, The EM57 
station is active the full contest period, Yes I have to take a 4 hour nap,
  But thats on me, I cant wait to see what this q65 is about, Thanks 73 
Marshall WD9EXD
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