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[WriteLog] OT mic switch

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Subject: [WriteLog] OT mic switch
From: jbrannig@optonline.net (Jim Brannigan)
Date: Mon, 28 May 2001 20:02:33 -0400
I use VOX on a boom Mic with the OMNI VI+
On the S-line I use VOX/footswitch and hit the console PTT when the
footswitch wanders off....but this leads me to another question...when did
we start having phone contests? : )

73, Jim

> Here's something that is off-topic.  Sri about the bandwidth. To make a
> story short, I have switched from a VOX headset to a foot switched boom
> It is frustrating to find the footswitch all the time.  MY XYL has a
> machine that has a kind of thigh switch.  She simply swings her leg out to
> hit the switch.  I am interested in any ideas that you big guns and little
> pistols have tried regarding foot switches, alternative type switches,
> etc.  Remember, we are Writelog users and must keep our hands on the
> keyboard for maximum Q Rates!  Thanks for your ideas.  Feel free to e-mail
> me off the reflector.  If I get enough ideas, I will post them here.
> Thanks,
> Terry, WK0F
> tashland@nospam.ncn.net

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