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Subject: [WriteLog] Cut Numbers
From: Rick.Commo@verizon.net (Rick Commo)
Date: Tue, 29 May 2001 21:55:26 -0700
> I want to hear the whole number....

Interesting comment.  While I respect the original poster from reading his
many posts I must disagree.  I will say at the outset that I don't even rate
as a "small pistol" when it comes to contesting.

As a kid a certain friend of mine would ask for something that was destined
not to be forth-coming. We would know this in no uncertain terms when his
father would look at us and say, "Lot's of people in Hell want ice water

As it applies to this, I suppose I could say - that since my speed is only
around 15-20 WPM - that contests should be at slower speeds.  That way I
won't have to listen for many go-rounds as I insure their call and (what
will be) my number before I call them.  I'm still holding my breath.
Besides, that's a ridiculous wish from the get-go and we all know it!

As long as cut-numbers are a used consistently and the translation schema is
available somewhere (perhaps here, or on a contesting reflector, or by
asking around) then the gung-ho contester trying to hone his edge would take
the effort to learn and perhaps use them?  It's and "edge" and it *is* a
contest - whether trying to place or just improve a "personal best".


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