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[WriteLog] Hello Writelog!

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Subject: [WriteLog] Hello Writelog!
From: k5zd@charter.net (Randy Thompson, K5ZD)
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 03:27:53 -0000
WriteLog is a great program and certainly not something to be afraid of!

Remember, most of the reflector traffic is involved with solving problems.
Those who have WL working don't need to post messages about how well it is
working.  Also, many of the issues addressed on this reflector have more to
do with Windows operating system support than WL.

Install and enjoy!

Randy, K5ZD

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> Subject: [WriteLog] Hello Writelog!
> Hey Writelog users,
> Is Writelog truly a usable contest logging program?
> I've watched the reflector mail for a week and I'm
> not encouraged. Far too many problems with what
> appears to be dismal documentation.
> Even though I've been a legal owner of Writelog for
> more than a year, I'm afraid to use it.
> I want to operate Oceania contest while my XYL
> tries to beat her own record in CQP.  I'd really like
> to use a WIN progrmn; she will use a DOS program
> for CQP. Probably CT.
> ***
> I've not yet installed 10.34B. If I do try to install this
> version on a WIN98 machine, will I wish I hadn't?
> Bill K6KM
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