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[WriteLog] Help with networked log under W2K

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Subject: [WriteLog] Help with networked log under W2K
From: gbaron@charter.net (Gil Baron)
Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 22:19:00 -0600
You can set up win2k so it assume it is always the same user logging on. You
can also remove all passwords by just hitting enter so you don't give it
one. Of course every system should have the same user id so it is passed to
the win2k machine at restart to log on as expected by win2k.
Win2k is a user based authentication and you cannot change that.

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> Subject: [WriteLog] Help with networked log under W2K
> Do you know how to configure W2K security?
> Running WL on four machines in a multi environment. 3 machines are W95.
> Unfortunately, one must run under W2K. Everything works, but the
> W95 machine
> that connects to the W2K machine has to logon to the W2K machine as a
> recognized user with valid password. This is necessary when
> bringing up the
> networked log, as well as the packet window. Adds unnecessary
> complexity in the
> event of a mid-contest restart when time is of the essence.
> How can I set up W2K security so that this particular user
> doesn't have to go
> through security to logon? There's no such logon required when WL
> under W95
> talks to another under W95.
> Responses direct to me and copy the reflector, as well, if you
> like. Thanks!
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