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Re: [WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 234, Issue 7

To: Jeff Stai <wk6i.jeff@gmail.com>, Alan Maenchen <ad6e@arrl.net>
Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, Vol 234, Issue 7
From: Ed W0YK <ed@w0yk.com>
Date: Tue, 07 Jun 2022 13:08:09 -0700
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Menu choice on right-click on a call in the QSOs in Progress pane.73,Ed W0YK
-------- Original message --------From: Jeff Stai <wk6i.jeff@gmail.com> Date: 
6/7/22  12:35  (GMT-08:00) To: Alan Maenchen <ad6e@arrl.net> Cc: WriteLog 
Reflector <writelog@contesting.com> Subject: Re: [WriteLog] WriteLog Digest, 
Vol 234, Issue 7 DR does have a place where you can say "Log anyway" or 
something like that.I didn't get to play in the IDC so my memory is fuzzy... I 
think it's in aright click someplace.I did my playing with the auto mode in 
daily operation just to see how itworked - which is pretty well but it had its 
quirks and at the end of theproverbial day you get a higher score if you pick 
the station to work.Someday soon I hope to have time to dive into the DR code 
and make some ofthese little mods, and maybe remove the auto mode so it is 
cleaner forcontesting.Thanks and 73 - jeff wk6iOn Tue, Jun 7, 2022 at 12:04 PM 
Alan Maenchen <ad6e@arrl.net> wrote:> Jeff, WK6I wrote:>> >> > I am noticing 
postings where people refer to FT software that is not> > WSJT-X.> >> > If you 
did use something other than WSJT-X, if you could please share> with> > me what 
software you did use and why you chose that.> >> > I'll compile them as part of 
my QST writeup. Thanks - jeff wk6i> >> >>>> Jeff,>> I used DR in full SO2R mode 
for FT4. It worked fine although I'd like to> see some improvements. Namely:> 
1)  Reduce timeout from five tries (cycles) to two for contests  (user> 
selectable)> 2)  For things like in this contest, identify when someone sends a 
signal> report instead of grid, I don't know of a good solution other than 
just> ignoring it. Send GRID?  Or send S/N and hope to get the grid next 
cycle?> Or dump the caller from the queue?>> The user interface for DR is way 
superior to WSJT although WSJT may be more> capable of sending random text such 
as GRID?   Not sure since I didn't try> that in DR. I'm not very familiar with 
WSJT, but I hear complaints about> situations where DR simply works and WSJT 
gets stuck in the sequences. For> example, if a QSO fails to complete and I 
move on to make other QSOs, then> the missing station comes through with their 
final - DR will complete the> QSO and log it while WSJT won't.  I'm not 100% 
sure of that, but I think> that was the case.>> I also tried out the FULL AUTO 
feature in DR just to see how it plays. It> did quite well with SO2R although 
it got stuck a couple of times when> getting a signal report instead of grid. I 
could do a little better with> manually controlling call priority based on S/N 
and point value, and> stopping unworkable QSOs before wasting more cycles. 
Granted, that makes my> log illegal, but I wasn't serious in the contest and I 
wanted to see how it> played.>> 73, Alan  AD6E / KH6TU> 
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