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[Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990

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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990
From: fanning@hiwaay.net (Mike and Alicia Fanning)
Date: Tue Jul 1 22:22:13 2003
FWIW, I bought a 990 about four years ago at the local hamfest and kept it 
about a year.  I really liked the ergonomics of the radio, but I always thought 
the hissing in the receiver without the switched capacitor filter engaged was 
really weird.  Basically the "feature" of an adjustable SCAF was useless, as 
you had to keep it fully engaged all the time to keep the hiss out of the 
receiver when using it.  I eventually sold the radio because I like using full 
QSK on CW, and the 990 full break-in is absolutely unusable.  If you used 
semi-break-in, all was fine, but in full QSK mode, the radio would truncate 
characters so badly that folks would routinely ask for repeats.  I guess if you 
don't do much CW work, or if you are okay without full break-in, its a good 
radio.  I really do like the layout, but I would never buy another one again 
due to its CW performance.

My $.02!

73 & GL,
-Mike, K4GU
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