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[Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990

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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990
From: djones449@cogeco.ca (David Jones)
Date: Wed Jul 2 18:06:48 2003
> I want to thank ALL the replies I got via email about the 990. Seems it
> should be a top notch rig when it arrives. And to answer a few of your
> questions it has the standard Yaesu 2.4 SSB filter and the 2.0 is INRAD
> 500 CW Filter is also INRAD.  I see the radio is rated at 100W output but
> have seen reports of 125-150W out. Can I get a view on a realistic output

I love my 990!  Mine has a similar INRAD setup and I think it performs well.
I would side with 100w output.

> I'm planning on driving a SB-220 with the rig. Which brings me to my next
> questions...  How is the keying relay accessed on the 990 ? Is there some
> special plug I need to get or is there a RCA plug to use for amp keying.
> Thanks again for all the replies, over 30 , and they helped in my choice.

The relay is in the back of the rig.  You must remove the top cover and
handle to get at it (10 screws...uggh).  If possible, you might want to
design something outboard, unless your setup will remain consistent?  And,
no RCA, it's a DIN.

One other note, in my opinion one of the major drawbacks, is that it doesn't
come with the ability to monitor your output audio on voice.  Other than
that, and for CW, it's a great rig.  Enjoy!

David VE3STT

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