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[Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990

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Subject: [Yaesu] Yaesu FT-990
From: wa.tworsx@verizon.net (Vince)
Date: Wed Jul 2 12:27:45 2003
Mike and Alicia Fanning wrote:
> FWIW, I bought a 990 about four years ago at the local hamfest and kept it 
> about a year.  I really liked the ergonomics of the radio, but I always 
> thought the hissing in the receiver without the switched capacitor filter 
> engaged was really weird.  Basically the "feature" of an adjustable SCAF was 
> useless, as you had to keep it fully engaged all the time to keep the hiss 
> out of the receiver when using it.  I eventually sold the radio because I 
> like using full QSK on CW, and the 990 full break-in is absolutely unusable.  
> If you used semi-break-in, all was fine, but in full QSK mode, the radio 
> would truncate characters so badly that folks would routinely ask for 
> repeats.  I guess if you don't do much CW work, or if you are okay without 
> full break-in, its a good radio.  I really do like the layout, but I would 
> never buy another one again due to its CW performance.

Thanks for your information Mike.  I went for a FT1000D (second hand) in
July 1996, but was considering the FT990 for a while at that time.  The
990's full break-in performance would have been an annoyance to me. The
SCAF feature was an attraction to me, also.  The reason why I went ahead
with the FT1kD is that I operate RTTY and I felt that I needed the heavy
duty power supply and finals (especially since I am long winded while
using RTTY mode). 

73 and Have Fun,
de ~ Vince ~
WA2RSX    IOTA  NA-026
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