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RE: [RFI] From Communications Daily re: BPL

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Subject: RE: [RFI] From Communications Daily re: BPL
From: "Dave Bernstein" <dave.bernstein@comcast.net>
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2004 13:44:42 -0400
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I think that the ARRL has done an outstanding job of working with local hams
to force BPL pilots to confront their RFI issues, despite less than
enthusiastic support from the FCC. I also agree with your assessment of the
UPLC's reaction, Tom.

My concern, and the reason for my earlier "if we're at war, then lets stop
pulling punches" post, is that the FCC could be directed to announce that
the recent BPL pilot failures prove that current RFI interference standards
are too tight, and then change the rules accordingly. President Bush has
already publicly stated the need to make such changes. The administration's
position is predicated on the belief that BPL is a great way to quickly get
everyone a high speed connection. One approach to heading this off is to
illuminate the fact that BPL has serious flaws independent of its RFI
generation; the administration and FCC should not turn things upside down to
get it deployed, but should instead turn their attention to a more
appropriate technology (e.g. WiMax).

Clearly I'm in no position to predict what the administration and FCC will
do, but we need to be looking several moves ahead in this campaign. Its all
too easy to win the battle but lose the war.


        Dave, AA6YQ

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Subject: Re: [RFI] From Communications Daily re: BPL

> "... This has become like an unmitigated
> war that ARRL has declared on this industry."
> I am delighted that UPLC feels that way! Most of us
> realise that wars are expensive to run and that very
> few people will declare war unless they feel they have
> no other option.

Another important thing is that most technical people understand when it
becomes personal, that means the guy making it personal has no technical
options left. He has to paint the other guy as personally flawed because he
knows the opposing arguments cannot be countered.

I would be concerned if he said the ARRL was wrong and gave reasons, but
this reaction tells me the ARRL is doing a good job in this area.

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