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Subject: Re: [RFI] Fan Noise on Repeater
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Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 15:27:54 -0700
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Ok I am home and here goes the rest of the answers:

10.The antenna was about 17' horizontally and about 18' up from 
the ground to the base of the antenna (at home 0n 120v ac). On the 
hill top the antenna is about 3' horizontally and about 28' up from the 
ground, to the base of the antenna (on battery power). Same 
antenna both locations.
11.Home test site, I used Saxton 8409 (RG 8 type) coax, with UHF 
connectors and on the hill top I am using 1" Hardline with N 
connectors. I have also bypast the power supply, which is 120v ac. 
Every thing else is the same.
12.The fan is to cool down the Tx heatsink. There is no shade at 
theis site, up at 3185', in the sagebrush. Every thing is mounted in a 
metal cabinet, in the weather.



A few questions for you to help better understand the problem:
1) On what band does the repeater operate?
2) What make and model are the repeater radios?
3) What is the operating voltage of the fan?
4) How is the fan controlled (e.g., thermostat, continuous, proportional,
5) From where does the fan obtain its operating voltage?
6) Where on the repeater is the fan mounted and how?
7) Is there noise from the fan on the repeater receiver (with a weak signal
applied) when the repeater transmitter is off?
8) Explain how the repeater was connected to operate from 120 VAC at one
location and battery at another.
9) What is the make and model of the fan?
10) Describe the antenna height and distance from the fan for both sites
11) Describe any other differences in setup between the two sites such as
transmission lines, etc.
12) For what purpose is the fan used?

Stu Benner
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