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[RFI] New Sears Dryer Draws Current on Green Wire

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Subject: [RFI] New Sears Dryer Draws Current on Green Wire
From: Jim Brown <jim@audiosystemsgroup.com>
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Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2011 13:43:12 -0800
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I just had a new Sear dryer delivered and hooked it up per the 
instructions.  For a four wire service, it calls for neutral to be 
bonded to green at the dryer. I didn't want to do that (it violates NEC 
and good engineering practice), so I didn't hook up the neutral, and 
connected green to the chassis. There's about 1A on green when the dryer 
is running.  The dryer is made by Samsung.

This is a brand new product, current model.  This is exactly the sort of 
improper wiring that can put noise on the power system (and in our radios).

I haven't yet opened it up to figure out if I can fix the internal 
wiring to connect that 120V load between one phase and neutral, nor have 
I looked for RF noise. As I understand NEC, it is illegal to draw load 
current on the green wire, but they are clearly doing that, most likely 
to run a 120V motor.

Does anyone know if there is some exception to NEC that permits this?

73, Jim Brown K9YC

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