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Re: [RFI] DigiKeyer II

To: "Dale J." <dj2001x@comcast.net>
Subject: Re: [RFI] DigiKeyer II
From: Peter Laws <plaws@plaws.net>
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2014 21:03:03 -0600
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On Thu, Jan 2, 2014 at 4:33 PM, Dale J. <dj2001x@comcast.net> wrote:

> I can tell, you are working hard at it.  When I've had RFI problems here, it 
> becomes an obsession.  I don't sleep or eat till I get it solved.


I had to choke it with BOTH hands (a #31 and a #43, just to mix it up)
but the guys on the local 10 m net thought I sounded OK.   I hope they
aren't just humoring me!  :-)

Thank you all for the suggestions!

And as a bonus, a snap-on took care of some RFI that was making a
power strip "clack".  It's one of the ones that turns on the
DVD/Blu-ray/Roku when the TV powers up but only when the TV was off.
Now to dig around and find the thermostat wires ...

Peter Laws | N5UWY | plaws plaws net | Travel by Train!
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