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[RFI] Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI

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Subject: [RFI] Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI
From: Tony <dxdx@optonline.net>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2019 21:37:45 -0500
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I recently spoke with Tesla's Ashley Holmen about RFI emanating from a neighbors Tesla-leased solar panel system. Tesla uses SolarEdge components which are known to cause RFI.

I gave her all the details regarding the unresolved complaint filed with SolarEdge in 2016 and politely explained FCC regulations regarding such matters.

After reviewing the facts, she concluded that the interference is:

"Purely a civil dispute between neighbors" and that "both Tesla and SolarEdge have done their due diligence".

Obviously a tactic to deflect so I kindly recommend that she contacts the FCC. I also sent her a copy of the ARRL letter that was sent to SolarEdge headquarters in 2017 which explains FCC regulations in some detail.

It's unfortunate, but it looks like solar RFI is not going away anytime soon. A friend who investigates RFI for the local power authority said that many of the noise complaints they receive by hams turn out to be caused by a neighbors newly installed solar panels.

He's found 5 new cases in 2019 and some of those installations involve 20 year contracts. That's a nightmare for hams because the responsible parties can take years to resolve the problem, if at all.

I've posted Ms. Holmen's contact info below for those who have RFI issues with systems leased by Tesla.

Tony -K2MO

Ashley Holmen  | Specialist, Executive Resolutions
6611 Las Vegas Blvd S., Suite 200 , Las Vegas, NV 89119 p. (650)
546-8110 | aholmen@tesla.com

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