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Re: [RFI] Update: Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI

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Subject: Re: [RFI] Update: Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI
From: D C _Mac_ Macdonald <k2gkk@hotmail.com>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2019 23:25:33 +0000
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Cooperation and coordination will almost always work out better than threats 
and bullying.

What we have here is just one of the benefits of belonging to the primary 
protector of the amateur radio service.

73 de Mac, K2GKK/5​
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Subject: Re: [RFI] Update: Tesla's Response to Solar Panel RFI

Actually, the  FCC really hasn't given up on  HF.  What I have said is that 
there are no radiated emissions limits for unintentional emitters below 30 MHz. 
(There are conducted limits onto the AC mains.)  But the FCC has sent out many 
dozens of  advisory letters to operators of various devices on the basis of 
harmful interference.  Now, they will set a higher threshold for  harmful 
interference than we like, but the  can and do take some (limited) action.  
ARRL has worked hard to keep this alive in the FCC, and  so far, it has held.

The solar  panels  are unique. Their conducted emissions limits apply ONLY the 
ac mains, not other wires, so many of these  systems that can and do cause 
interference do actually meet the laws about radiated and conducted limits. 
Solar Edge may be a bit slow, but they  are responding and  ARRL maintains 
regular contact with them. We have a  few unresolved cases and we are planning 
a field trip  to go take a  look at  them in person, hopefully with Solar Edge  
and Tesla also present.


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