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Topband: Front end protection

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Subject: Topband: Front end protection
From: (Harold Smith)
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 22:30:54 -0500
To All:

There has been much discussion about front end protection.

If you have enough RF coming in on your receiving antenna to cause =
damage, how will 1N914 diodes not open up? They are very low rated =

The only way that I can see to protect your fine transceiver is with =
what Wolf, DF2PY, and KD9SV said.

As far as lightening protection, relays grounding various antennas will =
be destroyed by a direct or induced strike. The only way to protect your =
property is to disconnect everything outside or use a system such as =
PolyPhaser or ICE. Yes it cost a few bucks, euro or pounds, but it can =
save you in the long run.

My 80ft tower with a 20 foot mast for my 15 and 10 meter beams is the =
highest structure for several miles. It has been hit several times and I =
came through fine. I installed what PolyPhaser recommends about 8 years =
ago after a hit wiped out a bunch. This does require a big ground =

73 es gud luck

Price W=D8RI
near St. Louis

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