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Re: Topband: Project Boxes for 160 meter Preamplifiers?

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Subject: Re: Topband: Project Boxes for 160 meter Preamplifiers?
From: "Bernd Wiebus" <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 18:15:01 +0200
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 Hello Eddy.

>I've taken to having some good second looks at the different containers
>a lot of our groceries come packed in --- it's really quite incredible how
>readily adaptable some of them are to Ham Radio applications,

I think so for cans and tins made from thin metal sheeds. I used them as
shielding box before.

For platics im a little bit sceptical, because the material will have some
softening agents which are optimited for being nontoxical and convenient for
food. But they will not last very long. I noticed they get brittle after two
or three years. If you use them outdoor in the sun, they may last only

Cans and thins will rust like you expect from metal sheeds, but you can
paint them and put them under a little roof or in a (UV- and cold resistent)
plastic box.

>For a weather-proof container that's shielded,
>try one of the cookie tins that the different English biscuit manufacturers
>pack their wares in.

Yes, of course. Some years ago i saw an transmitter hunting receiver in
sutch a box. I belive the brand name was "quality street" or so. 

Some month ago i saw a guy who put his devices in an old military amunition
box. Somethimes you got them from the surplus for little money. Either from
metal or epoxyd. For metal i suggest connecting box and cover for grounding.

>, just walk around
>looking at the different things on the'll really open your
>(and, with all due respects to Mouser et al, save you some money, too!).

I saw ww2 military equipment in plywood cases with aluminium foils for
shilding. Good plywood can be very tough, but needs care. To connect the
aluminium shilding in a reliable way seems a little bit difficult to me. But
across the pond you have more experience in contacting and connecting
aluminium (wire). :-)

Have a nice day. With best regards: Bernd Wiebus alias dl1eic 73

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