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Re: Topband: 160m portable operating

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Subject: Re: Topband: 160m portable operating
From: steve d <>
Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 14:38:03 -0700 (PDT)
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Thanks everyone for your input. That helps a lot! 
  Now - more questions HI. 
  I was looking at the rx antenna chart on W8JI's site. He has a 1.75wl  
beverage listed as being superior to lesser lengths. Based on 936/wl  being the 
equation for a full wave, 1.75wl on 1800kc is 910'. Im not  sure I can swing 
that length yet, Ill have to do my measuring/plotting  first.
  Question: is it possible to take two beverages in different (but close)  
directions, say, 45deg and 60deg, and switch both in to broaden the  beamwidth 
and increase performence between them (around 52-54deg?) Or  would having both 
wires in make me hear only the two directions they  are pointing, thus 
increasing noise and not performence?
  My plan is to have multiple beverages at one feedpoint (Im not sure how  many 
feedpoints Ill have just yet, hopefully just one) with a relay box  to connect 
each wire to the transformer/feedline independently.  However, it would be very 
simple to connect two (or more) at the same  time just by sending power to the 
relays that I need. What made me  think of this is if I have very few beverages 
set up and am trying to  recieve a station that lies between the beamwidths of 
the closest  beverages I have it would be nice to be able to bring them in 
  As AA1K pointed out - detuning the transmit antenna would lesson the  noise 
gereated by interaction between rx/tx antennas. If I put a relay  at the 
feedpoint of the transmit antenna to switch the radiator in and  out, would 
that be sufficient to do the trick, or, since the wire is  still resonant at 
160, (just not connected to the feedline) will there  still be interaction?
  Steve, KC8QVO
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