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Topband: DXing on teh Edge 2nd ed

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Subject: Topband: DXing on teh Edge 2nd ed
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Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2017 10:46:50 -0000
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Dear OMs and YLs,
     I received an e-mail from Jeff, K1ZM this morning questioning my
comments about missing materials in "DXing on the Edge" - all of the first
edition which is now out of print should be in the second edition.   Well
the publisher has failed and my edition stops in Chapter 10 page 10-24.
Jeff did not short us but the publisher has made an error.

     How one gets satisfaction now with Amazon without having kept a receipt
I do not know.   What will happen next we will see?   Meanwhile I am sorry
to have questioned Jeff's efforts on our behalf.

                  73 Doug EI2CN

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Subject: DXing on teh Edge 2nd ed

Dear OMs and YLs,
     My copy of the second edition has arrived.   I am pleased to have kept
the first edition as it has more technical content covering both RX and TX
antennas.   There is none of this in the second edition and this is a pity.
The second edition is the history contained in the first edition which is
interesting but if you have the first edition there is no reason to purchase
the second except for an improved binding.

      I do not mean to cause Jeff any grief as he is both a pioneer and a
beacon for the rest of us.

      I found his receive and transmit antenna sections often most helpful
to recommend to others.   In some ways his first edition of "DXing on the
Edge" is more readable and useful than ON4UNs more comprehensive work.

              73 Doug EI2CN

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