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[TowerTalk] Polyphaser question

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Polyphaser question
From: (Eric Gustafson)
Date: Fri, 24 Jul 1998 12:43:15 -0700

Hi Bob,

Sounds like a good viable product if they still produce it.  But
it is possible to "roll your own" using two products that they
for sure still produce and a couple of "T" connectors.

First split the RF feedline using the "T" connectors on both
sides of the DC blocked protector.  One path goes through the
protector.  The other goes like this:

  "T"---inductor---Wire Line Suppressor---inductor---"T"

Both suppressors mounted on the same bonding plate.  I have done
this a couple of times for use at HF with very good results.  One
installation was for one of the MFJ tuneable loops.  Works FB and
has survived at least one hit.  The inductors we used were 44 uH
RF chokes.  The direct hit vaporized one of these coils but did
no other damage.  Since then we have arranged for the lead into
this inductor to be close enough to the panel surface to arc over
before killing the coil.  So far so good.  But even if this coil
blows occasionally, it is cheap and in a convenient spot for

We even had enough terminals left over on the wireline protector
to protect the rotor control lines with the same unit.


>From: Bob Wanderer <>
To: <>
>Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 19:30:04 -0700
>I doubt there's anybody left at PolyPhaser who knows this stuff
>(ham radio) or even if a ham can get through to the technical
>folks anymore. If you can, however, ask for Tricia or Grant,
>especially Tricia.
>When I was at Poly I developed two custom models for your
>specific application. I think the part numbers were 096-0625A-A
>and -B. Tricia should remember these once you describe them and
>give the following information. Only one was sold so I hope it's
>the one you need. I don't know anymore if they'll go to the
>trouble of activating the other one for just one sale.
>Anyway, the one I created will pass up to +/-30Vdc and covers
>1800 kHz to 450 MHz (or at least the hams bands contained
>therein, there are some frequency segments lying outside of the
>ham bands which won't be passed).  It will handle 1500W
>Continuous on HF, about 500W on 6 and 2 meters, and about
>200-300 W on 70 cm. I forgot the rating for 222 Mhz. Connectors
>are SO-239. Price was $102.95.
>Hope this helps. BTW, the models shown in the catalog in this
>series (IS-DC50LN+V, IS-GC50LN+V & IS-DC50LNZ+V) are receive
>only. However, some of the newer series can handle transmit
>power, but I think none of them are below 400 MHz.
>Hope this helps.
>Bob Wanderer AA0CY
>former PolyPhaser Senior Applications Engineer
>From:  Joe Natale[]
>Sent:  Thursday, July 23, 1998 4:42 AM
>Subject:  [TowerTalk] Polyphaser question
>I want to use a Polyphaser lightning arrestor and an Ameritron
>remote antenna switch. The Polyphaser literature states the
>arrestor is DC blocked. Will this prevent the control signal for
>the antenna switch from making it to the switch? The switch uses
>14 volts through the coax, but I haven't been able to determine
>from the Amertiron literature whether it is a DC or AC
>signal. Anyone using this combination or a similar setup?

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