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[TowerTalk] Rotor Querstion

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Subject: [TowerTalk] Rotor Querstion
From: Dave Leisman <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2019 09:59:07 -0500
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I have a HyGain Tailtwister rotor that works just fine, but the thing is 
sometimes intermittent 
because the contacts on the terminal strip have rusted, making a good 
connection difficult.  Anyone 
have any ideas I might do to clean those terminals without actually removing 
the entire strip of 8 
terminals? Getting inside the rotor from this angle to swap this terminal strip 
for a new strip will 
not be easy, and I really don't want to break the case open to make the change 
from the inside. 

Hence my dilemma.

I have thought about trying to clean the existing strip by sanding, but I can't 
get into where the 
actual contact is made.  I had someone recommend using Naval Jelly to clean the 
rust away, but that 
seemed kind of harsh.  

I am open to thoughts and any ideas the group might have.

Thanks in advance.

Dave, W8QW

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