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Tue Mar 27 23:07:32 EST 2001

                     CQWW WPX - SSB
Call: KR1G

Class: SOAB HP
QTH: nh
Operating Time (hrs): 32.5

 Band     QSOs   Prefixes
   80:     96
   40:     38
   20:    885
   15:   1132
   10:    488
Total:   2639 x    912  =  6,085,776

Club: YCCC


I'm going to call this a half-assed attempt! 10% from a full out effort :)

Wednesday night was a short night of sleep due to work. Thursday night I was up
all %^^^%%$$ night fighting an impending flood in the basement - I was 
vacuuming up about 30 gallons of water an hour, and I DID win. The basement 
never flooded.
Friday day I slept maybe 3 hours of so. 

I started the contest exhausted, and without my usual preparation - no 
food/coffee/nothing tested. I struggled to set up the SO2R box 5 minutes before 
the 'test started - It didn't work anymore!! So I said screw it, SO1R I am!! 
Mebbe I'll fix it later - I seem to like soldering while contesting! Anyways, 
never fixed it.

Condx sucked Friday night, no JA opening on 10/15, EU sparse/weak on 20, not 
much on 40/80. But although exhausted, I had time to operate Friday night. 
Sunday was sonewhat taken up by my Godfather - last minute party for his twin 
grandsons 1st birthday. And his son is my son's Godfather as well. My Godfather 
rarely asks anything of me, but I knew he really wanted me there on Sunday, so 
I went. The families go back generations. His father was my father's Godfather, 
and probably so on and so on and lade dah de dah.

So anyways, back to the ramble. Worked most of the sucky Friday night 
propagation on 20. A good move I think was S&Ping 15 and 10 quite late - lotsa 
good South America prefixes at a good rate. With only SO1R, I didn't want to 
waste good running time searching them out later. Near the beginning of the 
test I could just call everyone which is quite efficient. Saturday morning 15 
was Ok and 10 was so-so at best. Good Saturday night JA opening on 15 - worked 
maybe 50 JA prefixes in 90 minutes. Saturday night things got pretty hot on 20 
too - and I was a tired mess!!!! Had to sleep some - two short naps. Did I 
mention I was dog sitting 2 dogs and one cat during this contest, and that my 
mother in law visited Friday until about 6:30 PM? And the dogs wanted to go in 
and out a lot. And I didn't want them to wake up the wife and baby. The Cat 
(known as "New Puss") seemed fascinated by contesting!! I'm sure me talking to 
the cat made it through the VOX numerous times :)

Sunday morning I thought 15 was the place to be - but I just too tired to hack 
the QRM - so up to 10 I went. Nice and peaceful, quiet, serene, but no 
fantastic rates. Had to QRT at maybe 10AM until 5PM. 5-7 PM was nice on 15m, 
with some last minute great mults like JT1BG, V73, 3W2 and WC1M etc. Hey, why 
don't you guys call me during ARRL or CQWW :)

I REALLY LIKE WPX!!! Although starting a phone contest dog tired, with 2 dogs 
and a cat, with mediocre condx, makes me understand the "phone sucks" mentality 
even better.

There is a hell of a lot more strategy to doing well in WPX than seems apparent 
at first (OK, strategy doesn't seem important at first glance). You need a lot 
of Qs with all parts of the world regardless of the band to gather a lot of 
prefixes. A lot of close W's, alot of far W's, piles of EU, a couple of barrels 
minimum of JAs, maybe 10-20 pounds of South Americans. Need to avoid DXing - 
always my hard part - JT1BG is as good a mult as WC1M.

I figure my lack of sleep, no SO2R (which I have never done for phone anyways), 
needing to operate Friday night and taking most of Sunday off, and missing 3.5 
hours from a 36 hour effort probably cost me about 1.5-2 Meg. But no 
complaints! I don't need a replay - had plenty of fun. 

See everyone in CW - and no, I probably won't be any more organized :)

Ted, KR1G

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