[AMPS] HV Connectors

Carl Clawson CarlClawson@compuserve.com
Sat, 16 Jan 1999 01:25:55 -0500

What do you like for HV connectors these days? The old Millen connectors
seem to be hard to find, and I don't consider them safe for use except
inside an enclosure.  I will need to run HV (ca 3 KV) from one cabinet to
another and would like to make a good choice. "Good" means safe and cheap.
Next best is safe and uncheap.

What I'm thinking of is is something with recessed contacts so that
accidental contact with an energized connector would not likely result in
shock. Yes, of course, any energized HV connector is dangerous when
disconnected but I want the laws of probability in my favor. (I absolutely
cringe when I look at the picture of the 3.5 kV supply in the `91 ARRL
handbook. Two open Millen sockets on the front panel of a cabinet sitting
on the floor right at kitty-cat-nose height.)

MHV are suggested in some ARRL designs, but I don't find current
information on them which makes me wonder if they're going obsolete. SHV
appear to still be made but are more expensive. Both of these are coaxial,
which is unnecessary although it does provide a convenient geometry for the
recessed contacts. So what do you like?

Thanks & 73 from the new Carl on the block, WS7L.

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