[Amps] equalizing resistors

Johan Nordin sm3uzs@telia.com
Fri, 1 Mar 2002 18:43:22 +0100

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Ämne: Re: [Amps] equalizing resistors

> >I am replacing the filter cap in the hv section of my Thunderbolt. I will 
> >be using 2 caps in series. The power supply filter is the choke input type 
> >using a swinging choke. It supplies 2200 volts. Do I need to add equalizing 
> >resistors across each cap. 
> ?  I would.  It's a reliable way to bleed off the caps, plus it applies 
> equal V to each.    
> >Depending on who I talk to, Ive been told I do 
> >need them and than again I dont need them. Which is correct. If I do need 
> >them, what size should they be. 100k at 10 watts is what Ive been told.
> ?  10W, 100k? resistors are not ordinarily able to handle even 1000V - 
> even though that's 10w [read the fine print in the specs].  Also, 1100V = 
> 12.1W @ 100k?.  My guess is that whoever told you this does not have a 
> firm grip on Ohm's Law.  

P=U^2/R last time I checked, If the dissipation is 12.1W, use >25W resistors
 unless you have them mounted in some kind of air flow.
If you are using electrolytics, keep the resistors away from them to avoid the
capacitors to heat up or you will get a reduced life time. 

GL! / Johan SM3UZS