[Amps] Source for 220V cords

Steve Katz stevek@jmr.com
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 13:05:14 -0800

The reason most 220V appliances including amplifiers sold in the U.S. do not
come with an attached plug is that there is no standard for these plugs and
their mating outlets.  A "dryer plug" is normally a huge 30A+ plug with
three enormous pins and is way overkill for an amateur amplifier.  The
standard NEMA 220V 15A plug & receptacle look like an ordinary 15A 120V plug
& receptacle except one of the flat pins is turned 90 degrees.  However, the
20A+ NEMA 220V plugs & receptacles are mostly twistlock type.  Then, there
are the European, Australian and other standards which are different from
ours in the U.S.

I would think a "dryer cord" with an attached plug would be horrendously
expensive compared to simply buying the plug you need to mate with your
outlet and screwing it on.


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> Hello to group
> How's this for a mundane question?
> Anyone have any suggestions for best source for a 220 volt cord for an SB
> 220 
> with a plug already wired on it. I know I could buy a wire and plug and
> wire 
> my own, but there must be an easy source where I could find one with the
> plug 
> attached..
> Should I just look at a washing machine or clothes dryer supply place??
> Thanks
> Randy
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