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Mon, 20 Jan 2003 18:20:50 -0800

>I added a tuned input to an old CL. On 160 I see no "dip" in the input SWR.
>The slug is all the way in. Do I try to add more C or more L ?? 

More C.  A pi-network input needs a Q of c. 2.In other words, the 
reactance of C-in needs to be 20 - 25 -ohms.

>On 40 the
>slug is all the way out, but  I do have a "dip". 

Pi-networks do not dip because they are two L-networks in series -- i.e., 
they are a Z transformer.

>In my mind I don't have
>enough L on 160 and too much on 40. This sound reasonable ?? Also ran out of
>tune and load, but I can fix that. Also is 1000pf enough bypass 
>on the Plate choke for 160. ?

bypas, No

>and blocking Cap 

blocking, Yes.  500pF is plenty.

>  TIA.....73
>Ed W3NR
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