[Amps] Best source for Gigavac GH-1 ?

Paul Christensen w9ac at arrl.net
Sun Nov 10 07:36:10 EST 2013

> As a competitive contester, it's not the cost of the relay or even the 
> time to replace it, but simply that I don't want to have to lose 90-120 
> minutes of contest operating time while I do it.  Being analytical about 
> it, the relays I've replaced have mostly been those that came with the 
> three 20-30 year old Titan 425s I bought used, so perhaps it's only my 
> contesting that pushed them over the edge. :)

Using so-called "controlled PTT" on CW may be a reasonable compromise 
between full QSK and semi-BK-in.  I'm not a contester, but I see many ops 
using either a computer card or other type of computer interface that will 
automatically control the PTT cycle when using a keyboard - not sure it's 
possible when using a keyer as it may require a typing ahead.  Anyway, a 
solution does exist that will prevent excessive T/R relay activations while 
not having to wait from T=>R at the end of a transmission.

Paul, W9AC 

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