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Hsu, are these the HF-2013 amps like I have here on my work bench?  For those interested, if these amps Hsu is speaking of  are the HF-2013 amps, you can look up the OM Power OM-2000.  All the photos and specs are there at the OM website.  These amps are pretty much the same amp.  Unless the amps Hsu is offering are not the same as the HF-2013 on my bench then I can't comment on them, but I can comment on the HF-2013 using the FU-728F tube.  If it is the same, it is a steal at $2500 USD.  The tube only costs $450.00 new from China and is in current production.  Some VERY unfortunate circumstances brought this amp to my repair bench and I doubt it is related to the amp itself but rather than the hands it fell into while it got shuffled around here in the US before it got to it's rightful owner.  If I was in the market for such an amp I would scoop it up in a heartbeat.  Just look at the price you would pay for an OM-2000 and compare. Nuff said.
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A guy   ordered two amplifiers,I’ll finsh my testing  work  this week, but He call me just now ,he is ill, and can not oprate the radio for  long time, so he  decide to cancel the order.I’ll sell these  again.         
I ask  $2500/ea+ shipping(50kg). ,  1.8-30MHz, with 7’’ LCD  coulour display , independent filament transformer, rated output power: 2000W , no  mode limt , 728F tetrode  tube.         
           if you interested in it, please contact  me off line.JPG on request.         
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