[Antennaware] Ham III Rotor

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Tue Nov 1 23:21:02 EST 2005

Currently MFJ/Hygain uses a pigtail running through an aluminum plate (the 
plate replaces the old terminal block) to an 8 pin Jones plug.

de Paul, W8AEF

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> What's the recommended fix for the terminal board on the bottom whose
> metallic parts are all rusted?
> 1. replace with another screw type terminal board? and where do you get
> new one?
> 2. hard wire a pigtail with a connector on the end?
> 3. replace with an 8 terminal  heavy duty Jones connector that's about
> the right size?  I happened to have one in the junk box.  Mounting the
> connector might be a challenge.
> All ideas and thoughts are welcome.  I don't know anybody who has
> rehabilitated a Ham III before.  Thanks in advance.  73, Tim, W2UI

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