[CCF] Germany plugs in to powerline services

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Fri, 3 Aug 2001 12:21:26 +0300


Harry OH6YF
Harri M. Mantila

Look at today's news at:

> Germany power company MVV said it has 500 residential customers for its
> powerline broadband Internet service launched on 1 July. The company
> claims the service, branded "VYPE," is the world's largest commercial
> powerline offering.
> MVV is using technology developed by Israeli company Main.net
> Communications. Main.net is currently conducting further trials with power
> utilities throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
> A spokesman for MVV told Total Telecom the powerline solution can only be
> installed in certain parts of the city where the network is robust enough.
> Still, it hopes to attract 3,000 customers by the end of the year and aims
> to be able to offer it to all of Mannheim by mid-2002. "The next step is
> the region and other towns," the spokesman added.
> MVV charges a basic flat rate fee of DM89 (US$40) per month. If you use
> more than your allowance of data, there is a surcharge. 
> Full Article:
> http://www.totaltele.com/view.asp?ArticleID=42514&pub=tt&categoryid=628

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