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Mon Oct 5 13:52:28 EDT 2015


Martti OH2BH asked me to forward the below info to TOEC & CCF

- Kim

Hello Scandihuligans;

Needless to say that my weekend in Vatican is actually the SAC SSB weekend! It will be 4-hour run which will cover 20m from 14UTC and finish up with some 40/80m just before closing down at 1800 UTC for dinner.  And then again next day few hours on 15 and 10 to provide you all bands.

I may stay on my fixed frequency and witness how you guys capture mults while running like a madman. I will report back the list of best in S&P. Your calls will be welcome! See you from Vatican.

Martti, OH2BH, Op HV0A

 From OH2BH kirjoitti 3.10.2015 20:53:
> News release from the Eternal City - Vatican City, Rome
> Saturday, 3 October 2015
> IK0FVC, Francesco; OH2BH, Martti and IK0XFD, Giordano, President of
> the Rome branch of Associazione Radioamatori Italiani (ARI), are
> organizing  a DX summit in the Eternal City, Rome. The historically
> rich surroundings  help to spotlight several timely issues on the way
> to the first DX  University session to be organized in Italy.
> During this event, HV0A is to be activated on several bands, as high
> as permitted by the Solar Flux. The activity will begin on Saturday,
> 10  October at 1400 UTC and finish with a dinner party at 1800 UTC
> featuring  a talk given by Martti, OH2BH. Further HV0A activity will
> follow the  next day, 11th of October.
> Martti’s presentation will highlight the challenges faced in making
> DXpedition traffic run smoothly, with both ends contributing to a good
>  result. The gathering will focus on areas of improvement which are of
>  interest to DXers and DXpedition operators alike. These areas include
> a DX University paper tentatively entitled “How To Work Everything
> With No Pain – Even Europe.” The paper is scheduled to be released
> shortly. The centerpiece of the summit is the unveiling of a new
> Q-Code.
> The TX3X DXpedition currently underway will be used as a case study
> and part  of the Italian DX summit.
> HV0A QSLs, as usual, via IK0FVC and also LoTW.
> Rome DXers, please contact <gggiordano at teletu.it>

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