160 test: lack of DX

Jay Kesterson K0GU x6826 jayk at hpxxx.fc.hp.com
Mon Dec 7 14:25:45 EST 1992

My big country total of 2 consisted of XE2 (called me) and 20 JAs.

EU is tough from Colorado on 160, when they do come through its mostly skew
path at about 70 degrees. We can go several weeks during the winter with
no 160 EU spots on the cluster. Also all the US stations CQing in the DX
window (what window? HI) make EU almost impossible from here during the test.
I'm sure the stations back east still worked their fair share of EU. Heard
K4XS work a few G stations that were ESP here.

But there certainly was a lack of mults from other areas. The only other DX
I heard was a P4 who was answering CQs. I moved a few KHz ahead of him a
couple of times but he never called me.

During the test I was thinking the ARRL 160 rules should state that only
DX can CQ from say 1830-1835. But if they did that some displaced 160 SSB
ragchewers would probably just take the nice clear spot.

Jay K0GU       jayk at fc.hp.com

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