ARRL Club Competition

km9p at km9p at
Thu Dec 23 19:19:25 EST 1993

I was uploading my log from my SS Phone effort to Billy today (I'm always
late).  He casually mentioned that I wouldn't be able to claim NCCC
membership because I didn't reside in the NCCC area.  He continued by stating
that the operator AND the station must be within the club boundaries.  So,
this means that my score can not count for ANY club, not just NCCC.  

I guess this would apply to any guest-ops hopping around the country doing
ARRL contests.  I'm sorry if this old news to most of you, I've never been
involved in club competitions.


Bill, KM9P

-Might have to operate WPX again after all you guys give up your calls!

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